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TMJ/Migraine/Sleep Apnea

Specialized Diagnosis and Treatment

TMJ/TMD, migraine headaches and sleep apnea can all be the direct result of the misalignment of your dental bite, your lower jaw or the TMJ/facial muscle. Our mission is to identify, diagnoses and develop treatment for the specific physiological causes of your pain. With specialized training, state of the art diagnostic tools, and years of experience treating these issues we are committed to finding the unique solution you need to achieve comfort and wellness.

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The ReSet TMJ/Migraine/Sleep specialty clinic was built by Dr. Gregg Melfi to help patients with these challenging health issues. He has committed himself and his team to extensive training and the advanced technology necessary to help patients resolve lifelong gneuromuscular issues that cause pain. Using a comprehensive diagnostic process, including the most advanced technology available, and customized treatment planning, Dr. Melfi can improve a patient’s overall quality of life.


Dr. Melfi is institute trained, with over a decade of experience as a specialist, and one of only six gneuromuscular dentists in New England. His method focuses on diagnosing occlusion, or a "bad bite" that causes symptoms such as teeth clenching and grinding, cracked fillings, crowns, and veneers; migraines, TMJ clicking and popping, ear and neck pain and sleep issues. Patients spend money on damaged teeth due to this issue than any other dental problem. Addressing the problem from a gneuromuscular approach insures proper bite and alignment of teeth and jaws, without stress and damage, for total overall patient comfort.

Diagnostic and Treatment Technology at ReSet

Tekscan Bite Analysis:

T-scan is a computerized “bite wafer sensor” which you simply bite into and the pressure sensor can show us on a computer screen the exact force, timing, and balance of each individual tooth and the resulting jaw shifting that creates TMJ compression, pain, clicking/popping, headaches and facial muscle spasm. This simple test is the first step in the evaluation process we use to determine if your teeth and bite are directly related to your current TMD symptoms.

Myotronics K7 Computer Diagnostic System:

The K7 is an FDA fully evaluated and approved system to assist in the complex diagnosis of TMJ/TMD. The K7 objectively measures your existing bite and jaw movements along with surrounding TMJ function and facial muscle responses. Using the K7, our office can see “the big picture” of not just your teeth, but the way entire surrounding head and neck functions are working with your bite. It can provide key information what is wrong, but most importantly, where the place is right for your bite and jaw to be so that pain and TMJ pathology are effectively treated.

Galileos 3D CBCT Xray:

The Sirona Galileos CBCT is state of the art digital technology for full 3D evaluation of not only the teeth, but the entire head and neck regions at very low doses of radiation. A 3 dimensional scan allows us to evaluate the TMJ regions closely, look for joint and articular disc disorders, displacements or the onset of TMJ arthritis. In our office we the 3D scan can also provide JMT+ 3D animations of the lower jaw in function.

Guided Dental Implant Placement:

We can use 3D imaging to virtually place dental implants using software and images of your teeth and jaws, then placing the subsequent abutment/crown into the same image, and then checking everything before any actual surgery is done. A computerized 3D printed surgical guide is designed in the software that fully controls the depth, angle, and location of the dental implant for maximum safety and alignment.

Frequently asked questions

Our approach is holistic and physiologic, meaning we want you feeling great naturally in time. Please feel free to ask as many questions as necessary to be an informed and an integral part of your care. Our office does not subscribe to the psycho-social model cause of TMJ/TMD, which often relies on chronic use of medications, muscle relaxants, Botox to paralyze muscles, trigger point injections or other “symptom management” approaches.

What is TMJ/TMD?

TMJ is most correctly referred today as TMD, meaning Temporomandibular Disorder. The vast majority of scientific research clearly demonstrates that “your teeth and the way they bite together” is the primary driving cause of TMD symptoms, including TMJ clicking and popping, pain in the jaw joints, headaches, ear pain, jaw tiredness, neck strain, and teeth clenching and grinding.

What does my bite have to do with my symptoms?

Your lower jaw is a “floating bone”, meaning it is suspended in a hammock of muscles and tendons. The lower jaw relationship to the upper jaw, called the cranio-mandibular position, has a certain physiologic ideal position where TMJ joints, muscles, and nerves are not strained or compressed. Your teeth and bite, however, can develop, change, shift, or be lost over time independent of the lower jaw bone.

Your teeth are dominant, and your TMJ joints, facial muscles, and head and neck position will all move to accommodate that bite! This means your lower jaw will shift to a place where your teeth will come together as best they can. Unfortunately, that place is often not a good one for the health of your TMJ joints, surrounding muscles and neck causing compression, clicking/popping, muscle hyperactivity, headaches and ear symptoms, including congestion, ringing, and vertigo. Teeth grinding and sensitive teeth are also a result of this dental malocclusion and resulting jaw shift and torque.

Exactly what can Reset TMJ, Migraine & Sleep Apnea Care do for me?

Our office uses Gneuromuscular (GNM) Orthopedic principles to treat and fix TMD and headaches at their source by finding the long term optimized (symptom free) position for your bite and jaw. Once we use computerized jaw, bite, and EMG tracking to find this ideal position, we fabricate a “GNM orthotic” that establishes a comfortable bite position in a noninvasive, nonsurgical, and reversible manner. The GNM anatomic orthotic can be used long term, or can serve as an exact template for any conservative permanent dentistry that can done to replicate that ideal and comfortable position.

Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Melfi helped me stop grinding my teeth. They are extremely friendly and the place is so nice. They have TV's and massage chairs…. Check them out, they are the best."

"Dr. Melfi was very concise and offered alternative treatments. Very happy with the information I received."

"Dr. Melfi is wholeheartedly dedicated to his career as a dentist. If you need Dr. Melfi, he'll always be there to help you and answer your questions as quickly as possible."